About ‘The Bitter Creek’ Interactive Project Journal 2012

Hello word-and-ideas-lovers all over the planet. Like you, my life is lived around words, dreams, mysteries, research and  pictures – before anything else.

My name is Neil McPherson, I live in Mainz, Germany.

My “sub-title” is Lonewordsmith and I am easy to find at Twitter or LinkedIn and Storify. In Twitter, my name is @lonewordsmith I live in a small German village with my new family unit and I come from Australia. That (yarn) story will emerge as we proceed. (Bear with me, but please do introduce yourself for this journey!)

The online Journal is my experiment and at the same time, a motivator as I begin to build a multi-media version of a historical Australian story. It’s  concerned with 1834 and the growing colony of Australia. Synopsis soon!

For over twenty years, I have written sentences, notes, ideas, narrations character sketches audio downloads other people’s comments and research date on scraps of paper and numerous notebooks. Sound familiar? Now we are going to wrestle with this heap propelled by a number of recent breakthroughs. It will be open to your very eyes regularly.

I am sincere in my invitation to writers, journalists, publishers and in fact, anyone we can call on to share with me and hopefully others, your ideas and suggestions for text items, illustrations, video, apps and whatever else, over  remaining months of 2012.

Let us begin.

(The journal is designed ( and it to is being built on the run). There is a plan of a kind.

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